About Us

About Kapperslook.nl

Kapperslook.nl is powered by a small group of profesionals with each a rich history in regards to hairdressers items. Therefore, choosing Kapperslook.nl means chossing a specialised and trustworthy supplier for all your hairdresser's needs. Our establishment is located in the hearth of Beverwijk, where we constantly help customers towards their personalized hairdresser's style. 

Eerlijke consult

As driven professionals, we understand from inside-out how much your salon means to you. Therefore, we will gladly spend our hours to provide tailor-made solutions that suits your needs to the fullest. Whether it is about a single hairdresser's chair or a complete renovation of your salon: kapperslook.nl will put your needs into deep consideration. 

The benefits of Kapperslook.nl in a nutshell

  • Tailor made solutions
  • Furniture customization
  • Alternation of particular colours
  • Flexibility towards the customer
  • ... and that without any extra costs!